December 26, 2012

New Years Eve to Remember! 2012-2013


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This News Years will be and awesome New Years! For the first time in my life, I’m going to experience New Years at Time Square in NEW YORK! As you can see I’m extremely excited about this. I was told that a person should experience a “New York” New years at least once in their life……. So….. I’m about to do just that! Most people think because of how I was raised, that I should spend that time at church….. That’s great and all but…. I’m not doing that. My life, yes, is centered around Yahweh but not around the “church organization.” I do enjoy my church family but sometimes I need to have fun with my own family. We like to take trips and see different cities and sites. There is nothing wrong with stepping outside the box that you are used to to do something different!…. I am!… Besides, I’m a musician and I am faithful to my position at my church and it’s time to take a break!

Dont’ worry, I will definitely post some pictures on my facebook page, but for now, See you next Year if Yah’s will!……

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