January 4, 2013

Bullet Holes in My Wall!!!??


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So my wife, “DrBee Thomas-Wiley” and I came back from an awesome vacation only to find a bullet hole in our wall! I’m a little mad. It destroyed some of my music equipment, nothing too major just some needed items. Apparently someone decided it would be nice to shoot into my home. It was a high power weapon because it went through my wall and two bags with my equipment in them. When the police came, they also found a bullet in the lower unit that penetrated 3 walls and two doors! THE ENEMY IS BUSY! I need some people to go in prayer and fasting this week with me! It’s time to take back our streets and homes!

Not Only that…….
Before we left for vacation, someone broke into my in-law’s home. It was a blessing that they had an alarm system. The thief was only able to steal a laptop.

What bothers me is that we live in a society that continues to encourage these types of behaviors! When is enough, enough!? When will we stand up and teach our children the value of life!? When will we explain to our children that what we see on TV isn’t real life!? When will we set standards, GOD Fearing standards!? Yeah we may be living in parlous times but, Yahweh is still Yahweh! Tribulation is for the unbeliever not the believer! Yah will preserve us in these times but we have to uphold his standard in order to be saved from the curses of the world! #letdobettersaints

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